Tecnam launches diesel-engined P2010

Italian general aviation aircraft manufacturer Tecnam has launched a diesel-engined version of its P2010 piston-single, targeted at owners and operators who are seeking a lower-cost and more versatile alternative to traditional avgas-fuelled light aircraft.

Introduced on 27 May and scheduled for certification in July, the P2010 TDI is powered by a 170hp (127kW) Continental Diesel CD-170 powerplant, which Tecnam describes as “the newest design and highest horsepower engine in the CD-100-series family”. The engine can run on kerosene-based Jet A, Jet A-1 and diesel, it says.

This new arrival will join Tecnam’s two other models of the avgas-fuelled P2010 – also referred to as the P Twenty-Ten - powered by Lycoming’s 180hp IO-360-M1A and 215hp IO-390-C3B6 powerplants.

“Engine development in general aviation has been stagnating for decades. As a consequence, operating costs have increased greatly - caused by unreasonable fuel consumption and antiquated technology,” says Tecnam.

“It is time for a new propulsion concept: the diesel technology, which is paving the way for jet fuel as a standard for general aviation.”